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We've got answers to Salida and central Colorado residents' questions about interior and exterior window, mirror, and glass replacement and installation.

  • What are the best window replacement options for Colorado home owners?
    Chaffee county and surrounding areas are high-elevation and cold compared to much of the rest of the country. High winds, snow, and sun can be tough on windows. You may want to replace windows or patio doors for aesthetic or security reasons. You may also need to repair cracked, rotted, warped, or discolored windows. Upgrading your windows can be an investment in future savings and enhance the curb appeal of your house. Energy-efficient windows will cut down on your power bill and help keep you and your family comfortable in extreme heat and cold. Insulated glass options (IGUs) include double-paned (double-glazed) and triple-paned glass. Double-paned windows are now standard, and in extreme climates like the Rocky Mountains, triple-paned are a great investment. Insulated glass contains a layer of argon or krypton in the space between the interior and exterior panes, providing optimal temperature control and enhanced strength. As an added benefit, insulated glass provides soundproofing from outside noise. Window tinting, coatings and glazings are additional options to enhance privacy and protect your living space from UV rays and harsh temperatures. Aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and composite are some of the most popular window framing options. Vinyl is affordable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. It's made of PVC, which is rot-resistant and flexible. There are many types of vinyl and composite vinyl windows, and many of them are extremely energy-efficient. Vinyl windows are some of the most budget-friendly options and can last between 10 and 40 years. Composite windows offer the beauty of wood frames, the weather-resistance of vinyl frames, and are also low-maintenance. They can last 40 years or more. Fiberglass is a similarly attractive and long-lasting framing option that may cost a bit more than vinyl. Finally, aluminum is durable and weather-resistant, but it does not offer the insulation benefits of vinyl. Aluminum frames can be made more energy-efficient with thermal breaks. Aluminum windows can last 20 to 25 years with regular maintenance. We offer a wide variety of high quality windows at competitive prices. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about custom options or the best brand and material for your home improvement or restoration project.
  • What are the most effective storefronts for business owners in Colorado?
    While many businesses are only online, others have physical locations, like our own local shop downtown Salida. Colorado business owners with brick-and-mortar businesses can maximize the benefits of their location with a storefront that looks professional and captures the customer's eye. Glass storefront entry doors will make your business space seem larger, more welcoming, sleeker, and brighter. You can feature eye-catching exhibits that promote your business brand. While steel commercial doors are durable and secure, aluminum with glass is the more popular storefront option because it is light-weight, aesthetically-pleasing, and allows businesses to showcase their services and atmosphere. Business owners can work with our talented designers to choose between glass swing doors or glass sliding doors. Some consider swing doors more attractive, and they take up less space. They can be designed to be accessible to wheelchair users and other people with disabilities. Sliding doors have the benefit of being accessible to all and keeping customers moving in high-traffic stores. Contact us to meet with a local designer and discuss the optimal balance of security, affordability, energy-efficiency, and curb appeal for your Colorado-based commercial or retail business.
  • What are the best bathroom remodel options for shower doors and enclosures?
    We provide Colorado homeowners with many options for glass shower doors, enclosures, mirrors, and other custom features in your bathroom renovation or remodel. A new shower door can enhance functionality and add greatly to the aesthetics of your home. Bypass shower doors can be a space-efficient choice for shower/tub combos as well as standalone showers. Doors with metal tracks are more budget-friendly than frameless options. If you have more space, a hinged shower door with a frame is an affordable and beautiful choice for standalone showers, although doors that swing outwards can lead to water dripping on the floor. For a luxury option, consider a pivot shower door. This effective design is also modern-looking and popular for curbless showers that are accessible to senior citizens and people with disabilities. You can also choose the type of glass you want for aesthetics and privacy, including clear, fogged, or etched. If you live in Salida or central Colorado, reach out to Valley Glass today for expert support in designing the bathroom of your dreams.
  • What payment options do you accept?
    In addition to cash and check, we also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.
  • Do you offer emergency glass repair?
    Yes! Colorado residents in and around Salida can call us at (719) 530-3092 for quick service. We can help if you have a broken window, cracked sliding glass door, or other glass emergency.
  • Do you offer free estimates?
    Yes! We offer free phone and on-site estimates. Contact us today.
  • Do you offer LEED and Energy Star certified materials?
    We offer a wide variety of windows and other materials including eco-friendly and energy-efficient ones. Contact us at our Salida office to learn more.
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